Nearly all of the scarves worn by the Atlantian Provosts are unique. They are individually made by a friend or loved one for the original recipient. From time to time they may be passed from a long term Provost to a new one. Here are pictures of my current scarves.

My wife hand embroidered this one on linen. I use it for formal occasions:


Her Majesty Arielle gave me this scarf following my prize. It has her badge, a gazelle, and the badge of the Order:

After I expressed concern about damaging either of these special scarves, my wife made me a quick and easy scarf with emboidery machine sea horses and a sewn in blue stripe. I use this one when I'm fighting. It's easy to clean and easy to replace if needed. This particular field scarf has been handed down several times; I now wear a very similar copy.

Kaleeb also made this shoulder scarf for me:

When I was given a writ to join the Order of Defense, I did a lot of looking at what other people had done for their collar of state regalia. I decided I wanted something that would lie flat on my shoulders rather than across the back of my neck. That required a few darts be made in the otherwise straight piece of white leather. Baron Aiden of Kingswood did all of the leatherwork and other assembly of the collar. The "A" is for Atlantia. The 4 Pelicans combine my other Peerage onto the regalia, and the lynx at the back is from Fiore's manual and personalizes the collar by adding that interest of mine.